About Revitalabs Inc.


Revitalabs, Inc. was established in 2007 as a unique collaboration between the men’s health expertise of Dr. Mark and several business partners, who together created an exceptional business model. The primary goal of Revitalabs was to create supplemental products that actually worked and did not defraud customers. Dr. Mark wanted products that he would use himself, however he was unable to find any high-quality products on the market. Interestingly, when Dr. Mark and his partners went to manufacture these products they were told that the Revitalabs formulas contained a high level of active ingredients resulting in products that would not be cost effective. Generally, supplements contain a minimal amount of active ingredients, while the Revitalabs products contain the optimal amount. In response, Dr. Mark said the goal of the company was to produce products that had sufficient active ingredients to achieve optimal results. This has resulted in a great line of supplements that have the potential to achieve customer goals.

With the commitment, “Real Products Real Results”, Revitalabs, Inc. has succeeded and excelled as a provider of exceptional supplements. “Real Products Real Results” is a concept based on a commitment of supplying products to customers with the highest quality ingredients in order to yield the greatest potential for results. Revitalabs is committed to having the ingredients and only the ingredients listed on the Supplement Fact List in each product. Each product was designed based on theoretical and/or scientific information regarding each ingredient available at the time of its’ development. However, there is not necessarily a consensus agreement by the scientific community of their effectiveness. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the products, however, there has not been any clinical studies done to prove their effectiveness nor an independent review of customer responses. All the products are supplements and not substitutes to a healthy lifestyle or medical care, if indicated. It is recommended that each customer integrate the products into an improved diet and exercise program to assist in obtaining desired results. It is also recommended that customers consult a physician about any medical concerns they may have and involve a healthcare provider in their overall health management. Individual results may vary and some may not experience any response when using our products. Therefore, Revitalabs makes no definitive clinical claims or guarantee of the effectiveness of the products. If you have any additional questions or concerns please send them to info@revitalabs.com

In an effort to continually uphold the integrity of the company, Revitalabs also strove to address some of the biggest problems with online supplement companies from day one, including: poor customer service, shipping delays, and potential credit card fraud. Resultantly, proper business policies were established immediately, which include: prompt and courteous customer service, priority shipping with tracking capabilities, and responsibility and integrity in all transactions.





If you have any additional questions or concerns please send them to Info@RevitaLabs.com