Testosterone Boost

Revita-T Testosterone Boost is a capsule designed for men. Revita-T is intended to optimize the body’s naturally produced testosterone, enabling you to be at your best: healthy and active in every part of your life. A healthy testosterone level is a key component in maintaining good health and a high level of fitness in males as well as maintaining a healthy libido and sexual function. Testosterone hormone is essential for health and happiness. Through the ingredients in the powerful Revita-T formula, Revitalabs provides you with an opportunity to optimize your bodies naturally produced testosterone, enabling you to be at the top of your game, healthfully, actively, and sexually.

Revita-T is designed for men and should be taken on a two month on, one month off cycle. For optimal testosterone boosting results, take two capsules of Revita-T prior to sleeping. Each bottle of Revita-T contains 60 capusles.

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Tribulus Terrestris Powder Extract                        

Don’t let the strange name fool you, Tribulus Terrestris is merely a flowering Mediterranean plant, however when you take a closer look you will be amazed at what healthful remedies this plant can offer. While we have infused our formula with the powder extract from the root of the plant, the fruit and leaf of the plant also have various beneficial uses. Some of the possible benefits include enhancing athletic performance and helping eliminate sexual dysfunction issues by assisting the body in the creation of more testosterone ( The key to these benefits can be found in the naturally occurring steroidal compounds in Tribulus Terrestris, which stimulate testosterone production by suppressing natural hormone receptors. Resultantly, the amount of luteinizing hormone, especially in the Leydig cells in the testes, rises and helps the body create more testosterone and revitalize current testosterone hormone already in your body ( Having not only greater amounts, but also rejuvenated amounts of testosterone in your body helps you build muscle and maintain a healthy libido.


Vitex Extract

Vitex agnus-castus is a medicinal, flowering plant with a long and rich 

history dating back to the time of Hippocrates, a Greek physician, also known as the father of medicine because his work made such an impact on the field ( Vitex is thought to have been Hippocrates’ favorite medicinal plant remedy to prescribe to his patients because of its great variety of health benefits ( Most importantly, at the root of these benefits is the plants ability to help your body produce hormones normally (UMMC). Vitex Extract works through the pituitary gland, which is the “master gland” that regulates a variety of body functions, including the production of sex hormones ( At Revitalabs, we are proponents of using natural, herbal and medicinal plants in all of our products because they help to rejuvenate and tone our bodies and body processes. Adding Vitex Extract to the Revita-T mix does just that by assisting your body in the production and balance of hormones, including sex hormones, which greatly contributes to your health and happiness.

Stinging Nettle Extract

The Stinging Nettle plant has a very literal name, which stems from its prickly hairs, or spines, which are painful to the touch. However, extract from the stinging nettle is anything but painful. In fact, it boasts hundreds of years of history in the treatment of painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia. More recently it has been used to treat urinary problems related to an enlarged prostate (UMMC). We at Revitalabs believe it is an essential part of the Revita-T formula because while it does not produce new testosterone, it frees up the testosterone that is already present in your body. Although you may have a normal level of testosterone in your body, much of it may be bound testosterone, meaning that it is unusable due to being bound to sex-hormone binding globulin, SHBG. Stinging Nettle Extract works in your body to inhibit the way SHBG binds to testosterone, essentially freeing up more testosterone and allowing it to employ its powerful effects (

Now that you’re an expert on the ingredients in Revita-T, Tribulus Terrestris Powder Extract, Vitex Extract, and Stinging Nettle Extract, you know that Tribulus Terrestris works to stimulate new testosterone hormone growth. Vitex Extract frees up more space to allow more of the current and new testosterone hormone in your body to be useable. Vitex Extract acts as both a stimulant and equilibrium, promoting and overseeing normal hormone production. Through these ingredients in the powerful Revita-T formula, Revitalabs provides you with an opportunity to optimize your bodies naturally produced testosterone, enabling you to be at the top of your game, healthfully, actively, and sexually.



Revita T Ingredients

Revitalabs recommends you consult with your physician prior to starting any dietary supplement or exercise regiment. These products are designed for healthy people looking to stay healthy and are under the age of 65 but over the age of 18. Only men should use Revita-T. Revita-T is not intended for women.

*The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.


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